Photographed with sons Lenny, Ted and Bruce and daugther Georgia

Tallaght, Co. Dublin

Charity of Choice: National Maternity Hospital Foundation

As women, one of our longest relationships will be between our mind and our body. Like most relationships there will be a lot of ups and downs along the way.

After my first pregnancy with my daughter, I felt like I had lost control of my body.  I felt down.  I had a new baby and a body I felt belonged to someone else. I didn’t know how to dress and constantly compared my postpartum body to my pre-baby one. It took me about a year to fully comprehend what my body had actually achieved. One day I stood in front of the mirror and told myself that the marks on my body were “Georgia’s first ever painting she did for me”.  That was a game changing perspective.  Suddenly I saw my body as a trophy – a shiny, beautiful reminder of what it had given me!

Years later I had a miscarriage.  Again I felt that my body had let me down. But a couple of months later I found out that I was expecting triplets and I fell in love with my body all over again!

Being pregnant with triplets was tough and when my sons had to be delivered at 31 weeks, I felt disappointed. It was hard seeing such small sick babies and feel responsible, because my body wasn’t able to carry them any longer.

Luckily all three boys are now home and thriving.  I took some time to sit down and think about what my body had actually done for me! I’ve had to come to terms with the fact I’ll never have a six pack (like I ever would anyway) and I may always have a c-section scar, a saggy belly and stretch marks. But I am so unbelievably proud of every line and what my body has done for my family and me. I am fully aware of all the women in this world who would do anything to carry the scars and stretch marks I have. I am proud to show my post partum body, because the story it tells is just so beautiful and I am so honored I get to share it.

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