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As part of the anewmum birth & postpartum #storylines conversation, anewmum is now offering accredited birth and postpartum photography.

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Spaces are extremely limited and openings will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

What is anewmum birth & postpartum photography?

anewmum birth & postpartum photography is the recording of a story that will only be told once. For most parents the birth of their child it is one of the most important and life-changing experiences of their lives and yet many only have blurry cell phone snap shots to remember it by. Our professional service provides parents with breathtakingly, emotional pictures of a first meeting that only lasts a couple of minutes and yet has the power to change them forever. For parents our narrative photography inspires memories of a moment in time that goes by too quickly, and for the child it will one day tell a story of love, life and a new beginning.

Benefits of anewmum’s birth photography service:

  • We hire professional photographers for graduations, weddings etc. and yet few of us have the foresight to hire a specialised photographer for what would probably be one of the most important if not the most important day in our lives. They only take that first breath once – there are no do-overs.
  • Traditionally your partner or husband will take some quick snap shots of the birth or first moments, but expecting them to capture all the key moments, in a beautifully composed manner, without shaking, whilst in a complete state of euphoria upon meeting their child, is a tad unrealistic. Freeing them from ‘camera duty’ also allows them to be more supportive and part of the experience –it is after all their birth experience as well.
  • Instead of worrying about sorting through and sending good photographs with all your baby’s details to friends and family, anewmum birth photography creates a birth announcement with a beautiful first image of your baby– allowing you more bonding time with your newborn.


  • Your anewmum birth photographer may capture moments that you might miss, like your partner’s facial expression, or grand-mother-to-be sitting anxiously in the waiting room.
  • Birth photography allows you to see your child’s birth from a different, wider perspective and parents often discover breathtaking details which they miss at a time when they are inwardly focused.
  • Many mothers, especially mothers who had C-Sections, find that they feel that their birth photo’s helped them ‘connect’ with the birth process even if their bodies did not go through actual labour.
  • Birth photography is a form of narrative medicine that can help you reflect on and process your birth experience which can contribute positively to your overall postpartum wellness.
  • Birth photography allows you to one day tell your children about their birthdays. They will be able to see how much they were loved from the moment they took that first breath.

anewmum was there to capture some of Mums & Tots cover mum Jessica O’Neill’s first postpartum moments with baby Alfie. We asked her what having these photographs means to her:

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