Planning for a Better Postpartum Experience

For far too long, postpartum care used to be the ‘Cinderella’ of maternal support, products and services. At anewmum we believe that every mother deserves royalty-like treatment and a better postpartum experience.


Just like planning for your baby’s needs, overall postpartum wellness requires a bit of preparation. “You can’t pour tea from an empty kettle,” says anewmum CEO, Marian Kennedy. “You need to take care of yourself too.”


Self-care tends to fall by the wayside once baby is born and mums often neglect their own physical and mental wellness when it counts most – which is why anewmum has developed the HOW ARE YOU? anewmum post-birth wellness plan ** to help mother plan for their own needs.


As a new mum, your postpartum physical and mental wellness are determined by five basic postpartum needs:

There are three kinds of support for your needs and overall wellness:

Video animation credit Cian Brennan.

You can download your free HOW ARE YOU? Post-Birth Wellness Plan** here

**Please Note:  The anewmum HOW ARE YOU? Post-Birth Wellness Plan is meant as a guide only. Effective treatment of depression, anxiety and other postpartum issues consists of a layered response of therapy, professional consultation, self-care and, when prescribed, medication.  Your doctor should always be your first point of contact as far as your physical and mental wellness are concerned. 

Parentline (Ireland) 1890 927 277

PANDAS (UK) 0808 1961 776

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