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Denise Wogan founded FooDee Nutrition, as a Nutritional Therapist based in Blackrock Louth, to support people who want to enjoy food and feel good after they eat. Denise’s relationship with food and health began when she was 24 and suffered her first gut insult, a painful and embarrassing condition called IBS. However, it was when she started feeding her children that she began to rethink how she was eating – making the connection that HOW she was living was as important as WHAT she was eating. She started her training in Nutrition as a Health Coach back in 2016, and completed her Nutritional Therapy Diploma in 2019. She subsequently qualified as a Life Coach to bring a rounded and holistic approach to her work with women. Most recently Denise has received her certification as an Eating Freely Therapist which allows her to work with Binge Eating Disorders, Serial Dieters, emotional eating and female health management. She offers tailored, personal and expert advice to all her customers.


Denise has a broad interest in nutrition and most particularly in emotional eating and gut rehabilitation. She realises the importance of considering wider aspects of health and works at a deeper level addressing the emotions around how you eat as much as the food you eat.

If you want to find some support from Denise, you can find her here:

Facebook: FooDee Nutrition


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