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Join us for a postpartum relief, reassurance & support.

anewmum was built on the back of Marian Kennedy’s own experience of earning her motherhood stripes. The birth of her first child was “fast and furious” and she was left with a grade three tear in her perineum.

“My waters broke about six o’clock in the evening, I got contractions at 11pm and she was born at one minute to 12,” she says of that momentous day when her baby daughter weighed in at a fairly hefty 4.2kg (9lb and 4oz) at the South Tipperary General Hospital in Clonmel. The stitching up afterwards, she recalls, was worse than the birth.

Back home, she struggled to recover and look after her newborn. She has always believed “if you’re not right physically, you’re not right mentally” but “I found it hard to take care of myself”.

Desperate to find relief she dispatched her husband, Derek, to a pharmacy to find anything that might promote healing. She wanted things that would be safe to use and not sting or dissolve stitches during the twice-daily showers she had been advised to take for the first six weeks to guard against infection.

When Derek came empty-handed, Marian resolved to develop a range of healthcare products specifically for postpartum women like her. Four years and various entrepreneur programmes and product trials later, anewmum started to produce exactly what she had wished for back then.


Marian Kennedy, CEO & Founder

Marian Kennedy is the founder of anewmum and comes from a town called Clonmel in Co. Tipperary Ireland. Married to Derek they have one daughter Emily who was born in 2015 and who was in fact the inspiration behind her company. After giving birth Marian found it difficult to find safe products that would help promote the healing cooling and soothing of the sensitive areas. Subjected to using multiple ingredients to make comfort and hygienic products at home she thought to her self why on earth was there not an all in one ready made, safe and effect brand on the market to help women after birth.
With a background and qualifications in Business studies and accounting Marian decided to undertake market research and participate in local and national accelerators to help her get her idea off the ground. Since then she has invested in vigorous tests and designs for her product portfolio and along the way building her team up of professionals, consultants, midwifes, public health nurses, Doulas to provide input and support to the business.
With baby number two on the way Marian has always envisioned that her next birth would be "a better experience" which happens to be our tag line, we want our products to be a better experience for women everywhere, whether its your first or fifth baby, we want to help provide comfort and take care of a new mothers hygienic needs.
The anewmum range will be launching online and in pharmacy chains summer 2020. Sign up to our mailing list and avail of our free birth plan designed by professionals.